Why Take summer Classes?

Here are some benefits to taking a summer session for you to consider:


Get Ahead or Catch Up

Taking classes over the summer allows you to earn more credits, which can bring you that much closer to graduation.

It is a great way to complete gen eds. Have you been putting off a class that you need to graduate? Taking it during the summer could be an excellent option for you as it will open up your schedule to take courses that you are interested in during the school year.

If you don’t have anything else going on during the summer, why not use that time to be productive and work toward finishing your degree sooner?


While it’s true that course selections may be more limited during the summer, you may not have to fight your way into a spot for what is being offered.


This means that even those highly coveted classes will have a lot more availability, which makes it much easier to take popular courses that are required for your degree.

Smaller Classes/Course Load

Because fewer students opt for summer sessions, it also often means smaller classes.

USC Aiken offers a number of online courses as well (flip-flops optional)!

Students may enroll in one Maymester course, and up to two courses + labs in both the June and July sessions.


Most summer sessions are offered in a condensed period of time, so scheduling classes and sufficient time for assignments must be considered.

Shorter Terms

You can complete a semester’s worth of work in eight or even three weeks compared to a regular semester that generally lasts 16 weeks.


On top of that, you will likely only be taking 1-2 classes at a time instead of four or more.


Taking only one course is practically a vacation.

Save Money

You might save money, especially if you are attending a private college.


Knock out a required course at USC Aiken at a fraction of the cost and transfer the credits to your home school (be sure to confirm your class selections with your advisor!).


This could mean paying hundreds of dollars less out of pocket and possibly even lowering your future student loan debt.

See Available Courses

More than 160 courses are available over the summer - most of them online!