Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take summer session classes at USC Aiken?

Both continuing USC Aiken degree-seeking undergraduate students and visiting students (a.k.a transient students).

How much do courses cost?

For summer sessions 2020, the standard cost per credit is $433.25 for those who qualify as residents of South Carolina for tuition purposes and $869 per credit for all others.

When are courses taught during the summer at USC Aiken?

USC Aiken offers numerous summer sessions: Please see for the schedule of courses and dates.

The most popular sessions are:

Maymester – 5/11 – 5/27

Summer I – 6/1 – 6/30

Summer II – 7/6 – 8/4

Additional course offerings and dates can be found at on our summer-session courses page.

When do the sessions begin?

Maymester – 5/11 – 5/27

Summer I – 6/1 – 6/30

Summer 2 – 7/6 – 8/4

How often do courses meet during the week?

Almost all Summer courses are online for your convenience. For any courses offering on the actual USC Aiken campus the following will serve as a guide for course meetings:

Maymester courses typically meet 3.5 hours each day, five days a week, for each three-credit course.

Four-week courses typically meet two hours each day, four days per week, for each three-credit course.

When do students register for summer classes?

Registration for undergraduate students for summer is now open. Register early to secure you space in your favorite courses.

What is the maximum number of courses or credits, I can take?

Students may enroll in one Maymester course, and up to two courses + labs in both the June and July sessions.

Most summer sessions are offered in a condensed period of time, so scheduling classes and sufficient time for assignments must be considered.

I am not currently a student at USC Aiken. How can I take a class?

USC Aiken welcomes visiting students (a.k.a. transient students). Students not currently enrolled at USC Aiken can take courses as by completing a short application for admission as a transient student. Students from other colleges or universities (outside the UofSC system) wishing to enroll at USC Aiken to take courses they plan to transfer back to their home institution are considered transient students.

The summer admissions application is now open as is course registration.

Students should confirm with their home institution whether courses taken at USC Aiken will transfer to their degree program

When can I apply for summer session courses as a visiting student?

The application for visiting students is currently available at (choose the Aiken non-degree seeking application).

See registration instructions

You can apply until June 24 for the last summer session that begins on July 6 .

Can a visiting student receive financial assistance for summer sessions?

All Summer financial aid is handled through your home institution. Visiting students’ home schools may provide aid to students taking courses as visiting students at USC Aiken.

Are international students able to take summer-session classes?

Yes, continuing degree-seeking USC Aiken students may take classes during the summer. International visiting students may take classes if they are currently studying at an institution in the United States with an F-1 visa, as they continue to maintain full-time F-1 status at that institution.

You may also take courses as a visiting student if your United States Visa type includes eligibility to study. All non-immigrant visa holders should complete a Visiting International Student Request Form in addition to their application to verify their ability to study.

I don’t need academic credits. Can I take a course without receiving a grade?

Students can audit courses and will not receive course credits or a grade.

There is no cost differential between auditing a course and taking a course for a grade.

Will USC Aiken core curriculum courses be offered?

Many courses from the core curriculum will be offered during the summer sessions.

I need a specific computer science class. Will it be offered?

To find out if specific courses are offered, see the schedule of course offerings for all summer sessions.

I’m a USC Aiken student with an internship this summer. Can I take a course at USC Aiken at the same time?

Yes, providing that your schedule allows. Make sure to talk with your academic advisor for advice.

Does USC Aiken offer courses that I need to get into medical school?

USC Aiken offers classes that meet the requirements for pre-dentistry, pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, and pre-veterinary science.

Are there any restrictions or limits on courses for non-USC Aiken students?

All students, both USC Aiken and visiting students, may find prerequisite courses, or restrictions (space limitations, major requirement) that require additional authorization before they are able to register for a class.

Will my credits transfer?

USC Aiken credits are readily transferrable to almost all other universities. Students should confirm with their home institution whether any particular courses taken at USC Aiken will meet their degree program requirements.

When must I make payment for tuition?

Payment is due for all summer courses (regardless of session) no later than May 27, 2020.

Students who register for classes after May 27 must make payment immediately or make arrangements for the university’s payment plan.

The date for payment plans to open is April 16, 2020 and will continue until payment deadline.

The initial payment is 1/3 of the balance after all available financial aid has been applied, plus a $75 administrative fee. The remaining balance is split into three equal payments which are due on May 10th, June 10th, and July 10th.

How do I pay my bill?

Tuition charges are applied to your account when you register for classes. Students can pay their tuition using online credit card, e-check, personal checks, international bank wire transfer, or by signing up for a payment plan.

All payments made can be made online via your Self Service Carolina account at

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